An open-standard
Digital travel pass for COVID

A solution that enables governance over
issuance and verification of digital PCR-Test and Vaccination certificates
via global identity standards.

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A simple, proven way to govern PCR-Test and Vaccination certificates.


Issue reliable blockchain-based PCR and vaccination certificates to people who have been vaccinated or tested. Enabling your institution to take a leap in digital trust, providing consumers a secure service.


Recieve and store proof of PCR-Test or vaccination certificates in your mobile wallet app. Allowing you to digital prove it along with more control over managing your medical certificates and it's data.


Request and verify PCR-Test vaccination certificates anywhere in the world. Verifier institutions can simple engage in either face-2-face or online verification of consumers vaccination status.

Everything on mobile

Use your smartphone to prove you tested negative or are vaccinated.

Vaccify is an open-source decentralized digtial wallet developed for the purpose of storing and sharing PCR-Test & vaccination certificates especially SARS-CoV-2. While preserving privacy and giving you back control of your data.


Vaccify creates a blockchain based digital identity also known as Self-Soverign-Identity. Securing your identity using biometrics or a passcode. This decentralized identity allows you to prove certain facts about yourself digitally over internet replacing any paper-based credentials.

High-level of enryption is used to make sure that your data is protected beyond any doubts. You control your private keys making you and only you the sole owner of your data. Not even TrustNet Pakistan can see what you store in your digital wallets.

Issuers of digital certificate governs the issuing and revocation. Whereas the verifier can only validate your certificate is legit. No information is ever shared without your consent, your biometric validation is mendatory before allowing any decryption process or information sending process.

How vaccify works for you?

In the post-COVID world a formal, provable digital trust is required in society to enable people along with public and private institutes to govern SARS-CoV-2 credentails.

Issue Certificates

Quick touch less QR issues digital passporting certifcates.

Prove PCR-Test or Vaccination

Control your digital health records and prove f2f or over the internet safely.

Verify Immunity

Validate immunity of people, enabling your organization to run smoothly.

More than a software

Understand high-level PCR-Test / vaccination certificate issuance and verification.


Watch demo video or build it and run it yourself
its open-source and amazing.

Our demo comprises of a Issuer Institute (Hospital/Lab) and a Verifier Organization (Airline/Other). You can run the issuer demo app to issue yourself a dummy SARS-CoV-2 Certifcate and get it verified at verifer app while mimicking booking plane ticktes or flight boarding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to the most common questions about Vaccify.

What is a vaccify certificate?

A vaccify certificate represents a digital proof of your vaccination or PCR-test. Especially SARS-CoV-2 credential is used to prove your status of COVID-19 test or vaccination.

How does vaccify work?

A medical institute can issue you a digital certificate, which is kept in your Vaccify digital wallet app. This certificate in your app can be later verified by anyone you allow. No need of any integration.

Can it help post-COVID society?

Post-Pandamic world will be radically different. The people would need to prove their immunity so they can travel without risk of being infected and infecting others. We are anticipating a dire need in the future for COVID health credentials.

Who control it and what?

You fully control your data and the private key of your decentralized identity, and no one except you has access to it. Issuers only hold authority over issuing certificates and revoking them if needed. Verifiers can only verify if someone tested negative or is vaccinated.

How trustworthy is it?

Vaccify takes advantage of the immutability and trustworthiness that blockchain has to offer. Certificates issued on the blockchain are reliable and immutable, and can be revoked if needed.

How secure is it?

All your data and it's communication channels are encrypted end-to-end. You and only you control you digital identity, and your information is not shared with anyone unless you approve.

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Hyperledger open-source blockchain based solutions are used to build vaccify.
British Columbia's VON Network test ledger is used to run the demos.


Community Partners

Vaccify is built under TrustNet's COVID Initiative which is part of a global covid credentials initaitve and various Pakistani organizations have contributed to it development.

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